Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Wenesday 21st September
Today i got introduced to this website. It's kinda neat I suppose, but i don't think that i go on the computer enough to make signing up worthwile. Oh well, i did it anyway and now that im here i might as well write a bit about myself. I turned 16 this month. My parents threw me this awsum party, which i thought was going to be a real let down, but actually turned out quite good. I ended up hooking up with this boy elliot on my deck, and was having heaps of fun untill this girl anna come and told me that my best friend liked him. Now i of course had no idea, or i never would have hooked up with him in the first place. So after crying for like 10mins, (i was very drunk), i got over it. Then later on, when we got in my spa, we ended up playing spin the bottle. Anyway, after a while we ended up holding hands underneath the water, and rigging the bottle so we got to hook up. That was pretty kewl. And he has the most wicked playstation game called singstar, man it's kewl. You set it up to play songs and you sing! you can have battles, or play a compitition. Man i'ts so much fun. I got some really good video footage of lizzie and Nicky singing don't stop moving by S Club Seven. It's hell funny. And a lot of footage of elliot. Anyway, i just remembered that this story was supposed to have a point, and here it is. I really like elliot. I talked to Lizzie afterward, and she dosen't have a problem with me liking him. My mate was at a party the other night and he was looking for me. My friend just found out that she had cancer, so i stayed with her instead of going. She's ok though, and she has finally got a decent boyfriend. Then i texted him the other night, but he just asked who it was then didn't text me back. I didn't think he liked me, but then when Laura said he was looking for me, i started to wonder a bit. Anyway, its the third official day of the school holidays, and i am bored out of my mind. i think me and kimmy are going out for lunch tomorrow though, so that should be awsum and i can spend some more of the vouchers i got for my birthday. I can't actually believe how good it felt to get all of this stuff down, even though it dosen't make much sense, i feel so much better. and now i know that i can read to too, all my old diaries from when i was little are too hard to understand.